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On November 22, 2015, SC commented on Wealthfront and the Future of Robo Advisors :

Very interesting! I’m curious as to how far “data analytics” can go in the investment space and if it can truly “replace” human interaction. Wealthfront has done an incredible job at attracting and retaining the millennial crowd – but what happens when those millennials “grow up”? Do we think they will be comfortable relying purely on data to secure their – and their family’s – financial security?

On November 22, 2015, SC commented on Blue Apron: Digitizing the Food Chain :

Great post! I did not realize how heavily they rely on data analytics. As we see an increasing number of food start-ups, I’m curious to see what role data analytics continues to play – and how we see that evolve.

On November 22, 2015, SC commented on Uber’s Use Of Data As A Competitive Advantage :

Great post. Regarding HelloSof’s comment above – I’m curious if we’ll see the Amazon’s of the world reacting to Uber’s growth and expanding business lines, and what impact this could have on their growth. If we’re assuming that Uber’s advantage lies within its data – there are other companies out there who collect better and more significant data. Could a Google Maps launch their own Uber?

On September 13, 2015, SC commented on Viber: Who needs a cell phone plan anyway? :

Really interesting! I am also very curious about Faisal’s point above around other data-based services such as FaceTime and Whatsapp. I’m curious how you think Viber’s value proposition differs from others, and if the fact that it’s not automatically tied to a phone (i.e. FaceTime with iPhones) would impact this.

On September 13, 2015, SC commented on The Waze model – make your users do the work! :

Really like your point about combining the human interaction with technological capabilities, and I agree that’s what sets them apart. I’m curious what implication you think Google’s recent acquisition will have on both products’ business models, if any?