Dataminr: Actionable signals from Twitter


Dataminr specializes in the real-time analysis of data from a variety of news and social media sources to provide differentiated and expedient support to media, public sector, finance, and corporate security entities. Their value is in their ability to rapidly classify, cluster, and deliver data to customers in concise and timely packages pushed to email, mobile, and even client specific systems. The applications to the stock market or breaking news media are numerous, with one of the most important sources of data for Dataminr being the more than 500 million Tweets per day. Dataminr’s deep relationship (direct partnership providing a significant competitive advantage) with Twitter is integral to their value creation and subsequent value capture.

Dataminr in concept:

How Dataminr serves customers

How Dataminr works from Tweets to analyzed delivery to customers:

How Dataminr works



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