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Thanks for the exciting post! I really enjoyed reading it! I see enormous potential here, especially for the further democratization of AI! Do you see parallels here to the challenges and concepts of Hugging Faces? And to what extent is being part of a tech giant an advantage here, or perhaps a disadvantage?

Thanks for the exciting post! I can imagine that her presentation must have been really exciting! She had a great idea and found an easy way to train her models – sex always sells,… Too bad the software didn’t make it to a breakthrough. I don’t know the exact competitive landscape, but I hope that there are other companies that have taken on this problem, especially with such an important issue as refugees who have lost their families….

On November 30, 2022, Laura commented on McKinsey, Formula 1, and the America’s Cup :

Michelle, thank you so much for that post! I am really fascinated by Quantum and have been following them for years!
I think that McKinsey is really pioneering with this “elite unit” and thus further expanding its position in consulting. In consulting, it is essential to be “on top of things”, and these days – as we also learn in this class – this includes digital cababilities in particular. In order to be credible in front of the customer and to deliver real added value, it is essential for consulting firms to build up this digital knowledge power. BCG has done something similar with Gamma, or other consultancies that buy AI analytics companies. I think this is definitely a big trend and need in the market and Quantum has managed to get real publicity with these emotional examples like sailing (which fascinates many people)!

On November 15, 2022, Laura commented on Using AI in the creative and advertising industries :

That is the longest input ive seen! 😀 But love the results – seems like a good tool if we wish for precise things that do not include human faces!

On November 15, 2022, Laura commented on My Career Options According to Craiyon: Not So Hot :

Love that these all include white collar and a suit and mostly males.. it looks like your dream job would be standing in a suit in front of a data panel on a glass wall like in the FBI shows 😀
I am surpised how well integrated the word “dream” is integrated tho! They all look somehow like a brainstorming and thoughts floating around 🙂

On November 15, 2022, Laura commented on What’s Your Dream Vacation? :

Exactly what i pictured too when i read the title (not that this is my personal preference but that this will acutally come up), also interesting that it always includes white femals in a bikini..

On November 2, 2022, Laura commented on ClassPass: Fitness Everywhere, for Everyone :

Hi Amy, super exciting blog!
In Europe, the Competitor Urban Sports Club is very popular – they work with three package models (S, M, L), rather than number of credits. I have a similar point to Manuel – of all the friends I’ve spoken to, they all use Classpass just to “disintermediate” the actual gym, i.e. they sign up to Classpass with ever new emails etc to take advantage of the opening discounts to get discounted tickets to gyms like Barrys. Do you see a trend there? How long do users really stay loyal?
Also, I was there when my friend at the gym asked if they could be found on classpass, the receptionist seemed very pissy and stuttered around, you could clearly see she didn’t want to say it. I think it’s a similar phenomenon as being advised in the store and then ordering the product online at a cheaper store…. The studios are losing their credibility…why would I pay more locally when it costs half as much on class pass? I am curious to see how this dynamic will develop and if both consumer and luxury gyms will stay on board, or only use it to get a first interaction going..

Thanks Jiwon, very good read! 🙂
Peloton is definitely a very exciting example of a platform. I think the company has benefited extremely from the Covid pandemic and the lockdowns that came with it, so you can stay fit at home as well. I, like I think most people, thought it was just bike fitness, but then I saw the other day at Harvard Gym that the classes also included HIIT workouts with weights, etc. I wonder if Peloton will manage to get away from their signature piece, the bike, and sell other home workout products like workout mirrors etc. I also wonder if Peloton will remain a pure do-at-home product or if they will scale into the outside world where the competition from bootcamps and spinning classes is already miles ahead..

Hi Irina,

great post! I had to comment as too good to go is one of my favourite Apps ever!

You mentioned some great points in your post! Something i noticed throughout the years is that Too good to go is working with more and more big companies, e.g. leading Supermarkets like REWE in Germany or MIGROS in Switzerland, furthermore they adpoted to different dietary requirement and differentiate between veggi, vegan, or pure vegetable/ fruit bags for supermarkets. I think small improvements like that really keep the App growing ang growing.
Sometimes i wish there would be more restaurants participating in the app in certain regions, especially when i see the amount of foodwaste after an event or smth. Maybe TGTG could introduce an incentive sheme where users themselves could promote the app to restaurants they know/ visit? Just a thought i had several times 🙂

Best, Laura

Hi Jonathan, thank you so much for your post!

That was really interesting! I agree that graphic resolution is a competitive advantage and something that is driven by customer demand. Espcially your point “If Nintendo can fully harvest DLSS, it can provide the same immersive experiences boasted by PlayStation’s titles, but because it has more valuable intellectual properties in its portfolio, it can compete at a higher level” really sticked to me – def a new learning about AI in gaming for me 🙂
I am wondering how the DLSS works on portable devices, would that also include longer buffering times to play a game?

Thanks for the great post!

I am an enthusiastic Bonvoy member myself, and the glimpse into the past you gave was super exciting!
I believe it a great of Marriott that this innovation has not stopped but that they are continuously looking for new M&A targets, and can therefore offer a diverse hotel palette, from standardized hotels that have the same cups and carpets all over the world (can be positive, because you know what you get), now also numerous boutique hotels like the Design Hotels or Autograph Collection have been added to their portfolio to meet this customer demand! Definitely the story of a global champion!

On October 5, 2022, LMB commented on American Express: Using Big Data to Prevent Fraud :

Thank you for the great post Manuel!

I have been an enthusiastic customer of Amex for a long time and have more or less followed their continuous developments in the field of fraud prevention, you can clearly see that the algorithm is getting better and better!

I find it particularly positive, for example, that data analytics is also used to flexibly adjust the credit limit, this has helped me especially with my corporate card, as Amex learns how the regular expenses look like and so also high payments are not rejected directly.

With my private cards I can join Elizabeth and Yannik, I once had a transaction in an unusual amount (tuition fees) that was classified as potential fraud and my cards were immediately blocked, which of course causes a lot of inconvenience.
However, from my experience I can say that Amex combines these rather “strict” analytics with great customer service – within a few minutes my card was unblocked. This is of course a high cost for Amex to provide an always available and competent member service, but I think it is also the USP they advertise, and so they turned a very negative experience into an extremely positive one (in terms of my image and loyalty), while my other bank took several weeks to unblock my other card.

I think especially in the end you are asking the right questions! and as someone who comes from a country where privacy is paramount I am curious how this tension of regulation and enough available data will develop.