My Career Options According to Craiyon: Not So Hot

I wondered: what would it look like if I asked Craiyon to help me visualize my future career options…

I wanted to see if Craiyon could provide me with some career guidance by helping me visualize my future working self. The prompt I typed in was, “future career options for me.”

The results that Craiyon generated were…… really weird? Or better yet, too accurate? With too much eerie resemblance to the vague and even nightmarish conjurations of my own mind when I sit down to think about my career post-HBS?

There are so many hilarious winners here to choose from, but if I had to pick a favorite, it might be the one smack dab in the middle. Is that my wife grabbing me by the collar and dragging me into the working world? Needless to say, my career prospects according to Craiyon are looking a little bleak…


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Student comments on My Career Options According to Craiyon: Not So Hot

  1. What is interesting about this is none of these actually depict a “career” or profession. Seems fluffy / vague with random presentations. Consulting maybe? 🙂

  2. Very interesting that the depiction is fully ambiguous. I guess it’s ML/AI’s way of saying “open to interpretation”.

  3. Super interesting Louis! Wonder if at some point AI will be able to prompt the user to provide further input to produce more meaningful outputs. I like that the tool generates at least some output with little instruction, but perhaps in certain applications it would be helpful if it would prompt the user with questions such as “do you see yourself working in an office or outdoors?” and in this way refine its output!

  4. I love the use of stock imagery by Craiyon! It looks like so many images I used to have to upload into PPT decks when I was first starting as a consultant; also, the fact that so many of them seem to have people vaguely pointing at random, business-like objects (e.g., emails) is a nice throwback 🙂

  5. Haha! Got to love this.. I, for some reason feels that AI is trying to say a story here if you go tile by tile.. starting from you looking or getting an idea to the last frame where your colleagues are probably looking upto you as a person who made it or as Isabella pointed out, it could be my interpretation

  6. Love that these all include white collar and a suit and mostly males.. it looks like your dream job would be standing in a suit in front of a data panel on a glass wall like in the FBI shows 😀
    I am surpised how well integrated the word “dream” is integrated tho! They all look somehow like a brainstorming and thoughts floating around 🙂

  7. Really interesting! It’s fascinating that all of the images are of white-collar, corporate workers.

  8. :)) this is so funny and deeply disturbing at the same level. I think the snapshot is trying to tell you that your future career is in the cloud… maybe that is a pre-launch reinterpretation of META? :))

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