Using AI in the creative and advertising industries

AI applications to the creative and advertising industries – what are the copyright implications?

Playing with Craiyon, I constantly got creative outputs that I would have been very unlikely to come up with on my own. To me, the ability of this tool to source different images from a huge database of images has obvious applications for the creative and advertising industries.

My favorite output above is from a request to draw an advertisement poster for an intergalactic movie. I requested Craiyon to include a spaceship and use a realistic style. Moreover, I was able to hit draw multiple times with the same message and Craiyon would generate a different outputs each time (pretty amazing!). I could picture 21st century Don Draper using this tool for inspiration.

The one question that I have is if using this tool for commercial purposes such as advertising would create copyright issues, given that the output is generated from a presumable unlicensed set of images created by third parties.




Is AI ready to disrupt the BFF market? Maybe not!

Student comments on Using AI in the creative and advertising industries

  1. That is the longest input ive seen! 😀 But love the results – seems like a good tool if we wish for precise things that do not include human faces!

  2. That is super interesting. On the one hand I wonder if a longer input affords Craiyon more data to be able to incorporate into its generative model. So more words and precision might lead to more output that resembles the user’s general idea for what that user is looking for…

    Also, I think that advertising content is the immediate use case for generative AI. I think it’s not long before we see tons of advertising images directly related to each person’s life (ie we would see people in ads with “HBS” sweaters, perhaps even see people in images that look very similar to you, etc…).

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