Dog in a Spaceship

A cute dog in a spaceship.

Tried a few things before landed on this. Cute dog in a spaceship. Not sure if any dogs have actually been to space so impressive the AI was able to pick this up.

Prior to this I tried a few things that were too complicated – I think I overestimated the capability of the software. I thought it could draw images of things that may not yet exist, but the human mind could conceive. I tried “Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow child” and I got images of Dany and Jon with weird distorted faces. Settled on something simpler instead.


To Be or Not to Be


Text to Image AI – what the future holds?

Student comments on Dog in a Spaceship

  1. Funny thoughts Sultana! As far as I can remember, Dany can’t have children at all, which would have made it even more exciting to get a clear answer from the AI. Let’s hope for some light in the dark in a few years.

    As for the spaceship of the dog, I noticed that it always looks similar with the dog in a small window. I could have imagined or I expected this in hundreds of other ways. I wonder if the input data in this case was somewhat skewed so that there was only this one sort of spaceship in the learning sample.

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