Where’s the Beef (Going)?

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Diets have changed throughout time, and current food consumption patterns, which are impacting global climate change, may result in radical changes in what we eat in the future

Is the world running out of chocolate?

Amongst concerned chocolate aficionados, “Chocopalypse” is an embellished term used to encapsulate the very real threat that climate change poses to global cocoa supplies. With chocopalypse looming closer, how does the American chocolate giant Mars, one of the world’s largest cocoa buyers, secure its business in a world that is rapidly running out of chocolate?

Life in a Box – How Klabin Reinvented Itself

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Is packaging the carbon scourge of the universe? You just moved to Cambridge and now you need to buy everything so you can call your new place ‘home’: from toilet paper to a new mattress. You start to buy online, but all that packaging pilling up is starting to concern you: is it the worst decision for the environment?