Waymo: The future of (not) driving

Waymo is attempting to improve transportation using autonomous vehicles. As it is preparing to launch a ride-hailing service with these cars, there are several challenges it faces – from perceived safety issues to long-term transportation policy around the world.

Tesla: How Machines Are Now Driving Our Cars

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Autonomous driving is a form of applied machine learning that allows computers inside the car to process and recognize driving conditions in real-time. This paper explores how Tesla is bringing autonomous driving to the masses via its substantial machine learning network.  

Uber’s Bet on Self-Driving Car

Uber, the tech firm that invented the popular ride-sharing service and disrupted the way the world moves, is now facing its biggest challenge since its inception: the revolution around self-driving car. Ever since the first car was invented 130 years […]

HD Video – Ambarella’s Chip That Makes It Happen

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Drones are capturing HD videos from never-before-seen vantage points. GoPro cameras continue to amaze sports enthusiasts with new images of the game, while cars’ safety improve from rear-view and all-view cameras. Behind each of these examples is an HD video processing chip developed by Ambarella, who’s investment in technology will continue to pave the way for improved HD videos.