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Tesla: How Machines Are Now Driving Our Cars
Posted on November 9, 2018 at 7:52 pm
Autonomous driving is a form of applied machine learning that allows computers inside the car to process and recognize driving conditions in real-time. This paper explores how Tesla is bringing autonomous driving to the masses via its substantial machine learning [...]

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Great article! This is such a needed technology today as we are seeing the increase of security attacks across the internet. I think the CloudFlare has great potential to make a big impact with its work on government projects as the increase of state sponsored cyber attacks continues to skyrocket. Security has been top of mind for many consumers over the past two years since the issues with the Facebook Ads. I think that with machine learning, CloudFlare has the upper hand in defending target devices from malicious actors. I think that it is smart for them to be moving into the mobile space as that it where the majority of internet communications is taking place and where it is least protected. I’ll have to see what I can do to get CloudFlare services on my phone!

This is a very interesting application of machine learning that truly allows a company to benefit from the intelligence gathered from the large operating data sets. Natural disasters are becoming more prevalent and these systems that PG&E are building will allow them to do a much better job at preventing loss of electricity and help them restore electricity to their customers in a more efficient manner. I’d like to see where they take machine learning next in their company.

Great article! This is a great application of machine learning especially for those that do have four legged friends. It’s interesting to think about the differences in bio-engineering for humans vs animals. The process seems to be similar with high capital expenditures early on the in the development of the product, however, it seems that the market for animals will be smaller which makes it harder for animal sciences companies to recoup their initial investments. Using machine learning may be able to help improve this situation by allowing simulations to help speed up the process. Interested in following the progress of this company as they continue on their mission!

Great article. This is a huge issue that the general public is unaware of. The labor shortage strikes at a bad time as air travel continues to grow. Boeing will have to act on this fast because this will directly impact their ability to sell their planes (if there are no pilots to fly them). I like that they’ve purchased a company to assist them in the development of such AI systems to improve the safety of aircrafts. I’m curious to see if they will go down the path of having a fully autonomous airplane.

I agree that Facebook absolutely needs to work with governments on AI policy as they are already on the path to violating potential privacy and human rights laws. The future of AI can provide as many benefits as it does bad outcomes to humanity. The suicide prevention example is an excellent one to demonstrate that AI can be good for us. However, it is just as easy for AI features to go wrong and end up invading the privacy of users. Facebook has a very special opportunity ahead of them to influence the future of how we interact with AI systems and it should be extremely careful of how it treats this opportunity.

On November 14, 2018, SC commented on Does Additive Manufacturing Pose a Threat to Gun Control? :

I find this an alarming aspect of AM since it is so hard to police. This seems like a very dangerous situation as a 3D printing becomes more prevalent in the hands of consumers. With the rise in mass shootings, access to weapons has been a heated topic of discussion. This new technology truly throws a wrench in the discussions that we’ve been having as a society and will require the collaboration of our best minds and enforcement agencies to ensure that harm does not come to the innocent.