Can Machine Learning Save Innovation in Pharmaceuticals?

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Have the economics of investing in new drug discovery and development become so unattractive that investment in new drugs will come to a halt? GlaxoSmithKline and other bio-pharmaceutical companies are turning to machine learning as a potential solution to make the drug discovery process more efficient, with the hopes of greatly reducing both the time and cost associated with R&D.

How Big is Amazon’s Opportunity in Healthcare?

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In October 2017, reports surfaced stating that Amazon’s entry into healthcare was imminent. Overnight, stock prices for top pharmacies, PBMs, and wholesalers plummeted, losing a sum total of ~$40B in market capitalization [1].

But how well-equipped is Amazon to disrupt the entire healthcare supply chain?

Having worked as a healthcare consultant, and as a member of a family entrenched in the business of healthcare, I can say: this is one of the most critical unknowns facing the industry.