Crowdsourcing a moonshot: can a redesigned toilet help India win the battle against human waste?

Crowdsourced challenges can spur unprecedented innovation leaps at stalled industries. However, these challenges must be quickly inscribed into a believable road to market path to bring to life commercially viable products. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation faced a similar challenge when it tried to revolutionize sanitation in the emerging world by reinventing the toilet with open innovation mechanisms.

Machine learning and Tencent

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Data analytics has changed the world in many ways and it is becoming more important in the digital era. However, with the increased size of data available, human race starts to produce more mistakes and incorporates more biases. Machine learning […]

Future of Flight: Autonomous Aircraft?

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How can you reduce the likelihood of mid-air aircraft collisions? Can the solution be a pre-cursor to fully autonomous flight? This article explores the use of machine learning to replace traditional Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS).