Machine Learning in Airline Loyalty Programs

Airline loyalty programs (also called Frequent Flyer Programs) have become a new source of high margin income for traditional airline companies. Meanwhile, loyalty programs also generate massive amount of data on customer behaviour as people spend and collect their points. Applying machine learning tools to understand the preferences of those frequent flyers, most of whom have strong spending power, will enable an airline loyalty program to monetize on areas beyond travel. Qantas Australia is the leader in adopting a data-centric approach to manage their loyalty business.

What’s a Rolodex, Grandpa?

Posted on has disrupted the marketing industry by digitizing customer relationship management functions for small and medium sized business. And in doing so, grown to a $6.5B business, with 67% CAGR since 2001.

Bea-con and Carry On

Beacons took the retail world by storm in 2014, but have had limited traction over the years. In this post, we’ll explore a recent execution of beacon technology in Macy’s, and use it to provide a useful operating framework to show how the technology needs to be integrated to provide the best customer experience.