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On December 14, 2015, Ask Good Questions commented on Patagonia – Turning Social Responsibility into Company Business. :

I love Patagonia (wearing a jacket right now!) but I had no idea about this side of their mission before today. We’ve done cases about companies with social missions and I’m always skeptical about the argument that (most) consumers really care. I’m curious if you think they’d be as successful without this emphasis or if they bring it to light simply because it’s who they are and they want to share that side of the business.

On December 14, 2015, Ask Good Questions commented on EnerNOC: The Software Leader You’ve Never Heard Of :

Very cool. We talk a lot about “core competency” and it’s awesome to see a company making strategic investments as a way to develop a platform to then deliver, at some point in the future, their core offering to the new market. Put another way, EnerNOC sees DR as a necessary precursor to their surface, so even though DR isn’t “what they do”, they can buy those companies, inherit their customers, and then layer their value-added services on top.

On December 14, 2015, Ask Good Questions commented on MDVIP: A Business Solution to a Healthcare Market Inefficiency :

This is great! Physicians frequently feel trapped between the demands of patients and the economic demands of maintaining their practice. It’s a real win to have doctors adequately compensated for focusing on the care of their patients. In fact, the entire health care payment system is trying to find an equally elegant way to do this across the care continuum.

As an aside, it’s also yet another illustration of how much of the cost of health care is eaten up by negotiating with payers, submitting claims, waiting for payment, etc. Next time you’re at the doctor ask how much they’ll charge your insurance company and how much it costs if you pay cash before the visit, you may be surprised at the difference.