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On November 15, 2018, Marketer Mary commented on Open Research: Advancing Innovation in Public Health :

A tenure system “publishing exclusive studies in prestigious journals” is fundamentally flawed. Publishing works on open platforms with increasing opportunities for viewership and impact should be valued higher than costly, field-specific journals. Having works published in prestigious journals inevitably involves substantial capital investment which accompanies politics. In turn, I believe tenure should rely on merit and the tangible actions taken as a result of your research.

On November 15, 2018, Marketer Mary commented on Open your open innovation to suppliers :

I think towards the end of this post, you began to address ways by which Dell could guarantee that suppliers share innovation ideas with them first. By creating a mutually beneficial relationship, Dell can encourage open flow of ideas and innovation. Currently, it may feel like Dell is using its suppliers and treating them as subordinates. By going onsite to observe them, Dell is creating a hierarchical structure that may not allow for the psychological safety needed for the open flow of ideas. Open knowledge should be a two way street in order to result in an exceptional product.

Space is definitely a hot topic right now, but I am a strong believer that we are far from solving countless problems on planet earth. With the resources allocated to space exploration, we can afford to allocate the resources necessary to distribute technology like 3D printers to places that need it most. There are so many communities throughout the world that could benefit from affordable and speedy housing development. I just don’t see any justification for taking that to space.

On November 15, 2018, Marketer Mary commented on 3D Printing Straighter Smiles :

I really believe that Invisalign, creators of Align, have always maintained a strong brand despite the increasing competition and relatively low barriers to entry. I think it is taking all the right steps by getting ahead of the curve on 3D printing. I believe if they can offer a better product at a lower price due to the cost adjustments using 3D printing, than the product will sell its self. The market for clear aligners is only growing and I think they are in a good position in terms of competition.

On November 15, 2018, Marketer Mary commented on DoorDash and Machine Learning :

The rise of automation is creating a broad conversation across a variety of industries, from consumer tech to restaurants. On the one side, automation replaces monotonous labor and increases efficiencies. On the other hand, it highlights the need for a more educated workforce, equipping everyone with a skillset for the future. In the case of DoorDash, I believe they are currently using machine learning in a way that is synonymous with most well-funded start-ups, using recommendation and delivery algorithms to make everything easier for the customer. However, I really believe robotic delivery is in the relatively distant future for the majority of Americans. There are numerous logistical implications, from safety precautions to competition with that one big e-commerce company, that accompany thousands of robots moving amongst crowds of people simply to deliver a single California Roll.

On November 15, 2018, Marketer Mary commented on Affectiva’s emotion AI humanizes how people and technology interact :

In terms of your first question regarding security, I would imagine that the particular use of facial recognition in this case is means for concern. In order for the machine to assess emotions, one would need to feed it millions of images and changing facial expressions of each sample. This may require a video recording either from a laptop or cell phone. With the current cyber security debate going on, I would imagine that Affectiva will face major concerns in their collection of image-based data and the need for video-capabilities.