Sustainable Toilets: A Pleasant Solution to a Foul Problem

As climate change and resulting droughts threaten the world’s water supply, can we afford to keep flushing our problems away? Nonprofit RTI International has developed an incinerator toilet—entirely self-sustaining in energy efficiency—that will revolutionize water use in human waste disposal.

Exxon Mobil; Oil and Gas Giant or Much More?

Exxon Mobil is the world's largest publicly traded oil and gas company. In that capacity, Exxon has an out-sized influence not only on the future sustainability of oil and gas, but potentially on energy production and demand patterns as a whole. Exxon could drive change for the good by heavily investing in renewable energy and diversifying its portfolio.

Chasing Tuna

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I need the right temperature and sea level to be able to catch as many tunas as possible. Therefore, I should be ahead of the curve in Global Warming preparation, right? Think again.

Say goodbye to skiing as we know it?

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Vail Resorts (“Vail”) is one of the largest mountain resort companies in the world. In the locations where Vail operates, snow is currency and climate change is expected to contribute to warmer winters, reduced snowfall, and shorter snow seasons [1]. Given the sustainability of mountain resorts such as Vail is largely dependent on consistent snowfall each winter, does this spell the end of enjoying snow sports as we know it?