Grammar(ly): Who sets the rules?

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Over the past decade, Grammarly has accumulated 7M daily users of its grammatical suggestion engine [1]. Now Grammarly hopes to go beyond grammar in its mission of improving communication. How they do that depends on us.

Crowdsourcing as the Future of Secret Cinema

With 46 ground-breaking events completed in over a decade and ambitious expansion plans on the horizon, immersive film company Secret Cinema should integrate crowdsourcing into all elements of its production. Crowdsourcing will enable Secret Cinema to continue to be a leader in the live entertainment space where the lines between creator and consumer are rapidly blurring.

Open Innovation at Amazon Alexa: Crowd-sourcing Its Way to Platform Dominance

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Amazon is relying on open source innovation to build the capability of its cloud based voice service platform. The voice service is set to be the next biggest technological innovation that will change the way we control devices, interact with machines, and handle information. Amazon is providing a Alexa skills development platform for the third party developers to increase the utility of Alexa and the consequent consumer benefits. What are the next challenges for Amazon's Alexa?