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I think that additive manufacturing will undoubtedly play a huge role in the medical industry. My question is at what cost, and how can companies tackle that. You raised the point of additive manufactured items being more expensive upfront. I wonder if we are to the point where the efficiencies gained from doing this on a large scale can be predicted. If so, is it possible to use a program accounting method and sell devices at a loss up front in the expectation that costs will ultimately come down and generate more comfortable margins? This will certainly be an interesting space to watch given the concerns around healthcare today.

On November 13, 2018, Dwayne Johnson commented on Crowdsourcing legacy: How Rio is changing policymaking :

I like this idea in principle, but I am slightly skeptical. I feel that most common citizens feel that they are not heard through normal voting processes as much doesn’t change (or at least takes a very long time to change). So this idea is an interesting way to change that a bit. However, your point around the feedback loop is critical. If this is not done correctly and expeditiously, I feel that this changes nothing. Governments tend to move quite slowly, lets hope this is an exception, for open innovation’s sake.

This is awesome! I disagree with the comment above. I think this will ultimately be the way of the future, and I don’t believe customers will notice. We are already 3D printing shoes, homes are in the works, airplanes is a logical next step. I don’t think most customers will even be privy to the means of manufacture of these planes. It will be smooth sailing in the friendly skies.

On November 13, 2018, Dwayne Johnson commented on Machine Learning at Disney: Solving Happiness :

There are a number of companies working on learning algorithms to predict when people will be hungry. I wonder if there is space for Disney to work on this and have food freshly prepared for its guests as they walk into its various food shops across the park. This could be a nice way to enhance the customer experience and reduce congestion in the park.

Im a huge fan of OI in the food space. I think this is the wave of the future with changing demographics, and quite frankly I think OI is the only way to innovate to changing tastes in society quickly. I fully agree that Mondolez should spread awareness as this will only help push its branding and OI forward.

Im a bit skeptical that a robot will ever be able to predict what I want to eat and when I want to eat it. Half of the time I myself am not even sure what I want, so I question whether an algorithm will crack that code. Im also curious as to how Zume will deal with its operating expenses. Having trucks with expensive machinery driving around the roads feels expensive. Traffic also increases the liability and potential for accidents, Id be curious to see how the company deals with this going forward.