Lemonade reinvents the insurance industry with machine learning

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Lemonade, a company offering home insurance policies, is a pioneer in the InsurTech world where its use of machine learning (ML) goes beyond satisfying customers and driving efficiencies to underwriting risks and managing claims
Despite its exponential growth, Lemonade’s scalability is questioned considering increasing customer demand and limitations around availability and precision of data.

Machine Learning in Airline Loyalty Programs

Airline loyalty programs (also called Frequent Flyer Programs) have become a new source of high margin income for traditional airline companies. Meanwhile, loyalty programs also generate massive amount of data on customer behaviour as people spend and collect their points. Applying machine learning tools to understand the preferences of those frequent flyers, most of whom have strong spending power, will enable an airline loyalty program to monetize on areas beyond travel. Qantas Australia is the leader in adopting a data-centric approach to manage their loyalty business.

A Use Case for Machine Learning: How Facebook Uses Machine Learning to Combat Fake News

This paper will focus on Facebook’s use of machine learning to manage political content on its site. Today, with platforms like Facebook, content is being generated by a wider range of sources, which has eroded the credibility of the political information on Facebook. Recently, we have seen this occur with the proliferation of “fake news”, specifically falsified political information. This development has significant implications for Facebook and risks alienating its user based which can impact its bottom line and user base. It is Facebook’s mission to create a constructive community that brings people together to create positive experiences. False news is “harmful to [their] community” and “makes the world less informed” which inherently “erodes trust” with its users. In this context, using machine learning and other statistical tools to identify inaccurate and manipulated information is paramount to Facebook’s efforts to combat the spread of such information.