GuiaBolso: How machine-learning is changing competition landscape for Financial Institutions in Brazil

Machine-learning is disrupting how companies manage credit default risks allowing medium banks and fintechs to produce robust prediction models obtaining supreme accuracy and speed. GuiaBolso, one of the main fintechs in Brazil, is leveraging its large customer information database with machine-learning to provide credit at more competitive rates than leading banks in Brazil.

Citi: Banking on a digital future for financial services

Despite having been transformed by technology over the past half-century, the banking industry is threatened by increased digitalization, particularly the rise of start-ups that utilize technological solutions to provide better services at lower costs. Nevertheless, most large banks are uniquely situated to take advantage of the opportunities posed by advanced technologies. Citi, in particular, has transformed both its operating and business models in exciting ways; by continuing to lead in the industry, it will ensure its role at the center of the global financial system for another 200 years.

The geeks shall inherit the earth

  In some cities in Brazil, you don’t need to carry cash. Even street peddlers accept credit cards in Sao Paulo. It comes as no surprise, then, that there is a move to digital payments and banking happening in the […]

Online bank Simple – not so simple after all

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“Online bank Simple was set for failure since the very beginning, and it belongs to the worst kind of startup failures: those that don’t achieve their ambitious goals by any means, but also manage to mediocrely survive; like nightmares that never end.”