Rolls-Royce increases its share of the US$5.3 trillion civil aviation market through digitalisation

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Rolls-Royce is the current marker leader in the wide-body aircraft segment. The intense competition in the market results in manufacturers willing to sell their products without profit, but capture significant value from the MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) business driven by digital data. As a result, digital technologies not only transform Rolls-Royce’s product supply chain from initial concept to aircraft delivery, but also the company’s service offerings and aftermarket supply chain. Now the question is how can Rolls-Royce develop its existing workforce to be more adaptable, change-ready and digitally savvy?

Hunting in the Zoo: How Boeing’s plead for protectionism handed Airbus a spectacular opportunity to strike back

After a complaint from Boeing, the Department of Commerce imposed a 300% import tariff on Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier’s brand-new C-Series aircraft, effectively shutting them out of the U.S. market. Bombardier’s response? To partner up with Airbus and produce the same planes in Airbus’s facilities in the U.S. Now Boeing finds itself fighting two fully coordinated adversaries in different fronts, and Airbus is preparing itself for a very promising war of attrition.

Airbus’ venture into digital – what appears to be bold may only be scratching the surface

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Ever thought the aircraft industry is at its peak and has become somewhat boring? Airbus is trying to prove us wrong. It has started on a path towards digitization by appointing a native Google CTO and creating a Digital Accelerator. 3D printing for higher flexibility, connected aircraft for on-point responsiveness and continuous tracking of supplier relationships are only some of the ideas they have for the future supply chain.