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On December 1, 2017, Viper commented on Nissan after Brexit: Driving Manufacturing out of the UK? :

As owner of Brad’s Bags I am proud to have you write this essay. Very interesting perspectives on the challenges for Nissan in regards to the challenges with Brexit. The question is how accurately Nissan can determine its shipping costs. Given your analysis, I would estimate that Nissan could fair better at closing the UK plant and shipping its vehitcles abroad especially from another EU nation. Regardless, Brexit poises significant risks to many aspects of the British economy and Britain’s leaders should advises of these implication especially in regard to the international corporations that operate within its borders. Nissan certainly faces myriad challenges regarding the longevity of its supply chain given the looming policies of Brexit.

Thanks for sharing Caroline! Obviously Starbucks is a highly valuable social brand so it makes sense not only from an economic standpoint but from a branding perspective to take a lead in preventing global climate change. I think that, as you mentioned, transportation will be of increasing importance in evaluating their footprint. Given the particular nature of coffee farming, I think climate change will force them to re-think a lot of their current farming areas and possible move their bean sources throughout the world. These challenges will further complicate their supply chain. Interesting dilemmas for sure!

On December 1, 2017, Viper commented on Apple Inc. – Powered by 100% Renewable Energy :

Thanks for sharing Ray. I enjoyed your perspectives on what Apple should do to ensure that its suppliers adopt similar clean energy initiatives. In particular, given Apple’s significant amount of cash reserves, I think they would be well positioned to execute your recommendation for supplying capital in the form of loans to its manufacturers. I also would imagine that, given Apple’s world-wide supply chain, that shipping and transportation costs will significantly affect their climate impact. Given this dilemma, Apply should take a vested interest in the development of increased emissions regulations in the shipping industry as well as technological advances to measure and decrease emissions in that sector.

On December 1, 2017, Viper commented on Bringing Mortgages into the 21st Century :

Thanks for sharing Mike! The rise of technology certain presents numerous dilemmas between the efficiency and safety that occurs during transactions especially in the home buying market. I believe ultimately technology will win out, for better or worse. Do you see Wells Fargo buying out a company like Notarize or developing the same technology in house? I think a multi step verification process is essential to the success of these platforms. Do they utilize finger print or face recognition software? Thinking one step further, are we headed to a world where our phone act as not only our primary computer but as our primary form of identification and transaction?

On December 1, 2017, Viper commented on Arctic shipping: A new way to capitalize on climate change? :

Thanks for sharing! I also wrote my paper on the numerous challenges and opportunities the shipping industry, and Maersk in particular are facing with the rise of global warming. Despite the opportunities you’ve discussed in this paper, I believe the rise of global warming will hurt these companies on numerous other fronts to include massive changes to their portside infrastructure and changing locations of populations throughout the world. It is interesting and quite impressive that Maersk has taken an industry leading role in climate change reform and increased shipping regulation. It could be that they are just trying to capitalize on their increased capacity relative to their peers.

Thanks for sharing Jasmyn. With the rise of e-commerce and the power of amazon, warehousing will be an increasingly important aspect of the world’s supply chain. At the TOM field trip we went to a company call Symbotic which installs and runs fully automated warehousing systems in client companies’ existing infrastructure space. The technology they use to break down inventory, categorize, store, collect, and ultimately repackage is tremendous. I can’t get into details because of an NDA but would be happy to chat further if your interested.-BK