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Very interesting post, Clemens. Thank you for sharing. I love Minority Report, so this was a fascinating read for me. It is amazing what has been accomplished with this technology in NYC. What do you think are the broader implications are for this technology in combating global terrorism? I imagine that the CIA also uses sophisticated technology when making tactical military decisions. For example, Palantir was said to have contributed to the finding of Osama Bin Laden

Very interesting post, Tuyee. Thank you for sharing! mPharma sounds like a truly groundbreaking company. With the increased penetration of smartphones in sub-Saharan Africa, there is undoubtedly a massive opportunity for companies such as mPharma. What other areas of healthcare services do you think the Company can expand into?

On November 20, 2016, MRP commented on Bitcoin and the Blockchain :

Very interesting post, Todd. Thank you for sharing. While Bitcoin certainly has potential to transform the payments industry, I believe that block chain technology more broadly has the potential to transform many other industries. Companies such as Digital Asset Holding are developing block chain technology that will, for example, allow for seamless execution of syndicated loans. The speed of adoption for block chain technology in other industries remains the biggest question in my mind.

On November 20, 2016, MRP commented on Otto and Uber: Pioneering Autonomy in the Shipping Industry :

Very interesting post, Pete. Thank you for sharing. It is fascinating to think of the future world of driverless cars/trucks. It is unclear to me what the broader implications of this shift are. What effect will driverless cars have on the labor market? How will transportation time and safety change?

Very interesting post, Brad. Thank you for sharing. There are thousands of IoT companies racing to take a piece of the pie. There will undoubtedly be a shake up in the industry as technologies advance and revenue models are solidified. This will likely create a massive opportunity for scaled players such as Skyworks that can consolidate the industry and capitalize on the massive data opportunity.

Todd, thank you for the thoughtful post! The technology you discuss above sounds extremely interesting. Do you think widespread adoption is feasible? What are the primary barriers to adoption? Certainly, reluctance to change and regulatory hurdles have hindered the process. Your suggestion to start in countries in Africa is an interesting one. Waste management is clearly a major issue, and I do not think we have seen major innovations on this front in quite some time.

On November 7, 2016, Me commented on Greener Apple :

Alison, thank you for the thoughtful analysis! It sounds like Apple has taken some important steps in the right direction to create environmentally sustainable products for the future. I agree with your suggestion that Apple should now focus its attention on re-usability. As with many consumer product companies, waste and recycling are important to consider when thinking about the end of the product life cycle. Do you know what Apple does with unsold iPhones under its new upgrade program?

On November 7, 2016, Me commented on Amazon Web Services: Greenhouse Gases in the Cloud :

Alex, thank you for the thoughtful analysis. I would never have thought about the impact that AWS might have on the environment. As companies continue to move to the cloud, AWS electricity consumption will continue to balloon. I agree that the time is now – Amazon should front load its investments in alternative sources of energy. The investment will not only have a positive impact on the environment, but will also prove to be a good economic decision in the future, as companies continue to switch to alternative sources of energy. Do you think it is possible for Amazon to move all of its data centers onto a sustainable energy platform?

On November 7, 2016, Me commented on Imagine a World Without Coffee… :

Brad, thank you for the thoughtful post. You have highlighted a key issue that Starbucks currently faces. It is great that the Company has taken proactive steps to help counteract some of the effects of climate change. However, I definitely agree with your recommendation that Starbucks should use financial instruments to help hedge against future pricing volatility in the coffee industry. This strategy will clearly help offset some of the inherent risk. What other steps do you think Starbucks can take to mitigate some of the physical devastation we are seeing on a global scale?

On November 7, 2016, Me commented on Dollar Menu in Danger :

Serrena, thank you for this wonderful post! You have shared powerful insights regarding climate change and the burger industry. Given McDonald’s scale, you would think that it would be in a position to make a meaningful impact on the environment, through its agricultural practices, its supply chain system, and its transportation system. Clearly, there is still room for improvement, which you have thoughtfully highlighted.