Employee Mood Analytics: Don’t Just Measure the Symptom, Measure the Cause!

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In this post, I share my thoughts on the article, “Employee mood measurement trends” by Tom Haak, which amongst other things, describes three main means of measuring employee mood: traditional surveys, simple daily feedback tools, and passive data mining of employee online communications (emails, Slack, Yammer etc.).

I share my assessment of each method. Furthermore, I discuss why passive communications mining is likely to generate data that is unrepresentative of employee mood. Instead, it is more suited for analyzing supervisor effectiveness, which is a leading indicator and arguably the most important determinant of employee mood (the symptom).

Finally, I opine that analyzing supervisor effectiveness through communications data mining could be combined with traditional employee mood surveys to generate actionable insights to improve overall employee performance.

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

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We often bring up the topic ethics when evaluating various strategies for people analytics. My post is focused on pushing the discussion further by raising though questions (such as how much are we willing to sacrifice? and is it worth it?) we as a society have to deal with as we accept people analytics to make better decisions.