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On April 14, 2020, Ryo Takahashi commented on Workforce Analytics to Modernize the DoD :

It was fascinating to learn that the completion rate for elite courses is under 40%… I wonder how that fares with that of other armed forces in other countries? Are there ‘best practices’ (or ‘better practices’) that the DoD can learn from e.g. Israel, which thinking back to the Ment.io case, seems to be quite ahead in the game for using analytics in its military?

On April 14, 2020, Ryo Takahashi commented on People Analytics à la Française :

Very interesting blog post! I’m not surprised France (and moreover, Europe) is more sensitive to (mis)use(s) of data. Notions of liberty are firmly rooted there, and, as we know, it was less than a century ago when IBM provided technology to analyze census data, which, tragically, the Nazis used for terrible ends… I would be curious to see how new norms such as GDPR shapes use cases of People Analytics and how adoption may differ by geography.

On April 14, 2020, Ryo Takahashi commented on Tracking offline activities: Proximity :

Fascinating blog post, Mo! I would personally be against this application of proximity data, mainly because of the potential negative uses of the technology. Imagine instead of alerting people about Covid-19 exposure, the same technology was used to track protesters and dissidents… our right to privacy is easing encroached upon and very hard to restore, especially once the technology is developed. I would want to see clear security and permissions settings before such applications are developed and implemented.