Shared value initiated by BioPharma

BioPharma knows what to do but not how to…what are the steps required?

A new era in biopharma’s history of commercial models is about arriving. First, we had a time where everything that was developed was sold. Followed by a time where BioPharma invented the share-of-voice (SOV) model that led to superior sales force effectiveness and great fatigue with the customer…now we are at the verge of something new…a new organization model maybe a new business model consisting of strategic account management, beyond the pill activities, value-based pricing initiatieves and innovative collaborations leading to shared value…and it is like one step forward and two backward…particularly when the business is under pressure and returns to the old SOV model.

McKinsey advises to build the new ‘bevond the pill’ activities outside the core business. No room to thrive otherwise. A few companies are experimenting…in the business, stand-alone business, dedicated MT function, under market access…and everytime it is the same probleem…no progress or no collaboration.

The key challenge: how to leverage the expertise in the various departments and multi-matrices to support the new organizational model with the goal to achieve shared value with the account and its key stakeholders?

Maybe the most prominent company next to J&J is Novartis where its CEO works hard to convince the public that Novartis is determined to go this way but then, when you have a look at the activities of the marketing companies you do not see those intentions visibly brought into practice. Why is that? Is the problem middle management? Is it bad change management? Is the crisis not big enough? And what would you recommend someone who believes in the new way of working but sees her peers fighting their ego’s in great resistence to change where the individual leader has no power anymore…



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