Identifying, Prioritizing and Budgeting Process Challenges

Aligning Process, People, Technology and Priorities

How does a Health system identify, continue focus on Top 5 (any #) Burn out factors or priorities year over year and ensure that necessary financials are budgeted?

One of the primary challenges we often struggle with when speaking to a health system is lack of synergy, cohesiveness between administration, operations and clinical teams. How do we strike balance between too many requests and not getting feedback from front line teams that need desperate help to improve productivity and quality? With very small period of attention span, minimal availability from clinical teams to consider new changes or technological improvements and lack of communication across IT, how can we be transparent and continue focus on priorities?


Communicating Test results


Acquisitions–engagement and cultural integration

Participant comments on Identifying, Prioritizing and Budgeting Process Challenges

  1. The culture of the organization from the CSuite needs to shift to an inclusive process during budget planning and development. This includes ensuring all parties, particularly clinical team understand the budget enough to provide meaningful feedback and input

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