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On May 12, 2018, Zing commented on The administration burden :

Have you tried the option of a Scribe? So while the doctor can stay focused on care giving and uses the traditional method of notes taking and passes on to the scribe, whose responsibility is to put into the structure system. Of course, it needs good training and understanding. For example, i know my Dad and brother work with a Physician assistant or nurse practitioner who they have a very good sync with and viceversa where the PA/NP can understand them better and at times anticipate what the doctor is about to ask. Works well particularly in PCP settings and non-invasive settings and gains significant efficiencies over time. You will need upfront training and some initial time to build a great team with your assistant.

On May 12, 2018, Zing commented on conflicts within the team :

Conflicts are natural as we grow and changes happen in the workplace. It is important to understand the triggers for the conflict and create opportunities through social events to bring the positive emotions among team members. For example, I often use the conflict resolution skills from middle school and preteens who have a lot of personal view points and set paths. we need a distracting event or activity to lighten up their souls so they start feeling good about each other. Also, we must gauge the intensity and/or impact of this on the organizational objectives as well as their career objectives and take appropriate social or professional work setting to address the situation. Remember, food and fun activities typically bring people together so use them to reduce personal frictions. Conflict resolution and handling is an art that needs to continuously self-reflected through positive leadership and assertive mind. particularly, that of friends.

Agree with Kim. While there is no silver bullet for controlling the flow of patients from various avenues and sources, it is imperative on the triage process and training at each source point with relevant triage experts along with post visit follow up.
1. Patient education is also critical to success here to ensure that they are made aware of the support services remotely or inperson when they walk-in to ED to keep them informed of the situation and also schedule appointment with relevant Care giver with follow up notes.
2. Also, leverage systems to Send ADT and Clinical notes to PCP for next day follow up