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HBAP VC is a community-driven, crowdsourced, and data-driven approach to venture capital investing. At its core are ALL HBAPers connected through a platform that leverages the breadth and depth of the HBAP network, crowdsourcing investments, and investment processes following a consistent, repeatable, data-driven approach and helping thrust transformative companies that disrupts industries while providing a space for ALL HBAP participants and alumni to invest, learn, practice, and earn returns.

Collaboration Platform: Unlocking $1.6T of Value in the World’s Largest and Poorest-Performing Industry: Construction

The construction industry is the largest industry in the world, the poorest-performing, and the largest contributor to GHG emissions. Approaches and practices have not changed appreciably in 100 years. This industry is complex, fragmented, and siloed because of significant risks in a world of low profit margins. A collaboration solution is needed to address the growing need to better use existing buildings, mitigate GHGs, and unlock $1.6T of pent-up productivity value.

The Bench

Due to the evolving software landscape, and projected resource gaps a new sourcing model is emerging to Optimize Upstream Supply Chain – The Bench