Cat Religion: My cat would be dissapointed

Cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt, my cat suggests we go back to it.

Trying to come up with something to look up in Craiyon, my cat sat on my laptop. So I find it only fair to look for AI’s view of “Cat Religion” or “Cat worshiping”.

Honestly, I was expecting something like this:

But instead, got this (I’m scared):

I think I’m a bit dissapointed and biased because over the summer I got to learn about Google’s “Imagen”, which is basically the same concept but Google has put in a lot of money and research trying to lower internet biases and create some sort of “responsible AI”, if that is even possible:

I still think this is a fun tool to create some very normal/inside the box searches, they’ve been working on a image encoder, which creates this weird faces, but with enough research it should output normal looking faces.


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