Decco vs. Deco — How One Typo Changes the Image

How A Typo Changes the Image

I played around with a few images to see how the AI worked, and I think what struck me the most is how just a slight change (i.e., a misspelled word) drastically alters the image panel put together by the algorithm. In one scenario, I typed in “Art Decco” (the incorrect spelling), and was presented with this image:

In another, I used the correct spelling (Art Deco) and was presented with the following:

I assumed the AI would be able to “guess” what I wanted in the first image, but I was surprised by how off it was from what I was expecting. It might have been thrown off because Decco doesn’t mean anything, and so the algorithm was confused.


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Student comments on Decco vs. Deco — How One Typo Changes the Image

  1. Hey Jonathan. Great insight! I wonder what would happen if you just inputted completely mispelt words, or complete gibberish. It would be forced to show something instead of ignoring the phrase. At that point, would it be forced to autocorrect itself the same way that Google does? Did you try that? Would be interested to find out what happened.

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