Walmart: Using machine learning to reduce food waste

Food waste is a major problem across the globe. Grocery retailers incur significant costs from this wastage, particularly in the produce category. Walmart is taking this problem head-on with analytics using ‘Eden’: a machine learning algorithm that screens produce for quality and freshness. This post explores Walmart's attempts to improve their food waste process with Eden.

Blackbuck – Hauling the future

Blackbuck is attempting to solve the inefficiencies in the Indian surface transport sector through a marketplace and technology-enabled services. Its impressive growth and recent funding have attracted various competitors – including one that questions the logistics platform business model itself.

FedEx: Navigating disruption storms with no clear skies ahead

FedEx is facing the threat of two of the most severe digital disruptors: Amazon and Uber. As e-commerce operations gain more relevance in supply chain distribution networks, the tech giant is aggressively increasing the vertical integration of its distribution network. In parallel, Uber and several digital innovators are introducing new business models in different steps of the supply chain, covering the shipping, freight, warehousing and last-mile verticals.

Li & Fung – The Downfall of a Platform

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On March 6th of this year, the supply chain management giant Li & Fung will be unceremoniously removed from the Hang Seng Index, a globally recognized index of Blue Chip Hong Kong Companies, to be replaced by Greely Automobile. It will mark the another step in the steep decline of a company which was once synonymous with outsourcing and cheap Asian manufacturing.