How Mercadolibre became the biggest company in Latin America

During the covid pandemic of 2020 Mercadolibre came out as one of the biggest winners, experiencing growth of more than 100% in their volume of transactions and becoming the biggest company in all Latin America. But, how did this garage startup founded 20 years ago become the biggest online commerce and payments ecosystem in the region?

COVID-19 Boosting Mercadolibre’s Growth

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COVID-19 has drastically shifted consumption to online platforms. Just in the last few weeks, Mercadolibre registered 1.7 million new customers. Overall, the number of deliveries also reached a record high, averaging more than 1.1 million orders per day.

StockX: The Stock Market for Things

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StockX is an e-commerce platform on the rise due to it’s unique stock market approach to resale. Strong network effects, superior platform design, and “sticky” features have and will continue to help StockX grow in the future.

Etsy: Amazon Marketplace for Crafts?

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Suddenly awash with free time thanks to #socialdistancing, I find myself spending more time than ever browsing Etsy in search of craft projects, home décor items, and other ways to relieve stress by spending money. The products I’ve encountered range […]

All eyes on Shopify: a winner take all

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Shopify, a low-key Canadian company, started as a SAS software solution that enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to create their own customizable e-commerce websites without the need to have any prior development or design knowledge. Today, fifteen years after […]