Blockbuster – From Blockbuster to Bomb: An Industry Leader’s Stunning Failure

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What led to the downfall of the industry giant Blockbuster ? On its peak in 2002 it was valued $5 billion, 9 years later it was sold for only a little over $300 million and was shut down entirely in 2014. Blockbuster is a perfect example for losing the game of digitalization by sticking too long to an outdated strategy and failing to understand market changes which other exploit.

Barnes & Noble: Playing the Digital Game All Wrong

By now, many of us have forgotten that Barnes & Noble attempted to compete against the likes of Apple and Amazon in the e-reader/tablet market with their ill-fated Nook. Barnes & Noble invested significantly in R&D and actually produced some great devices, so why did they fail? In hindsight, it’s easy to see that Barnes & Noble was playing the digital game all wrong.

The Struggle of a Retail Giant: From Catalog to Clicks.

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Among all industries transformed by the digitization of our economy, the retail industry has been among the first and most heavily affected markets during the last decade. The Information Age spawned many new powerful retailers like Amazon – and caused serious issues for established retailers that have been dominant for many decades.