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On November 22, 2015, Oded commented on Kensho – King of Financial Data Analytics :

Great post! Thank you. What do you think the response of other players in the market will be? Will Goldman’s competitors be able to work with Kensho or will they have to develop/ partner with someone with similar capabilities?

Great post! Thank you. I find this area fascinating and definitely the future of sports. I would be curious if they could develop sensors that actually track the muscle and ligament status/performance instead of only tracking workload.

On November 22, 2015, Oded commented on Ayasdi: A New Way to Think About Data :

Great post Rob! Thank you. I agree with you that spatial analysis ,in many cases, has the ability to unlock new insights from data. I think it is also a complicated tool to use and I think that if Ayasdi were to streamline the use of it for enterprises, there would be significant value to unlock.

On November 1, 2015, Oded commented on reCAPCHA: Crowdsourcing Intelligence :

Great post! I love the fact the they have created so much value for society from a mundane task.

On November 1, 2015, Oded commented on Crowdsourcing At The U.S. Army :

Great post. When I was in boot camp the Army’s idea of crowdsourcing was a small box for suggestions that each company commander had outside their office. Needless to say that box was mostly filled by anonymous complaints…
I really wonder if big bulky governmental organizations can utilize crowdsourcing to start moving faster or as you say the security requirements will lead them to overpay for bug bulky systems.

Great post and great idea. What I find most interesting is that Amazon brings an entrepreneurial spirit to launching shows and movies – they create an almost minimal viable product (pilot) and have the fans judge the product. Traditionally, movie studios have executives that try to decide what the public will like. Amazon’s approach, to let the public decide on what they want to see, seems like a great innovation.

Great post Jon! I think your point on apparel is spot on. It is really interesting to see what Amazon has done with Zappos. Acknowledging that Zappos’ user interface is much better than Amazon.com for shoes, Amazon decided to keep the customer side the same and only integrate the logistics. It will be quite interesting to see how Amazon adapts its simple page views to handle new categories in apparel.

On October 5, 2015, Oded commented on TripAdvisor: Book the Perfect Trip :

Kathryn thanks for the great post. Indeed Tripadvisor has forever changed the way we travel. I think a really strong move Tripadvisor made was the ability to connect your Facebook profile. The fact that you can see reviews by your friends, or friends of friends, adds a layer of credibility to the reviews. Through this move Tripadvisor has actually been able to leverage Facebooks network effects to its advantage.

Great post Sabina! I think that the competition Dropbox is facing in the consumer segment is almost unfair. Amazon now offers free unlimited storage for Amazon prime users. It will be hard for Dropbox to compete on price versus a competitor that is offering free storage. Dropbox excels in collaboration and I think they do it better than anyone else. I think that they should focus on enterprise collaboration where they are better than Sharepoint .

Interesting analysis on the industrial internet. Google and Amazon earn a significant part of their earnings from B2B sales. Google sells add words directly to companies and Amazon Web Services hosts the cloud services for many companies. Amazon retail earns a big chunk of its business from fulfillment by Amazon which is essentially a B2B service.
I think that new tech will leave the production to the old industrial but try to grab some o the value through the data layer built on top the industrial internet. Look for Amazon pushing to host old industrial’s data centers and for Google to build search cap[abilities to serve that data.

Great summary of Audioble. I agree that Amazon and Audioble are digital winners.
I think that Whispersync is an amazing feature if they can pull it off seamlessly. Whispersync is a very interesting case for an omni-channel between digital and voice that allows for seamless content flow between different platforms. I also think Amazon’s play with Echo has interesting synergies with Audioble, for example having Echo read your news in the morning or a your book while cleaning the house. It will be very interesting if in the coming years Amazon will become the king of voice.