How Did We Decide Where to Eat before Yelp?

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Yelp connects users, local businesses, and developers through an online platform to provide what the Yellow Pages used to: a comprehensive directory of businesses. Yelp has grown through encouraging community generated reviews, and developing value added services on top of the original platform to drive usage, traffic, and advertising revenue. Since 2004, users on the platform have generated over 148M reviews across the globe.

Is Tapjoy Finding the Key to Mobile App Monetization?

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Tapjoy, founded in 2007, operates a mobile advertising and intelligence platform that connects app publishers (such as mobile game developers) with both advertisers and users. App publishers that integrate Tapjoy’s advertising solution into their apps have access to a comprehensive […]

Quora: Crowdsourced Answers

“a place to get answers, to share what you know, to read, and to think” Quora is a website that allows users to anonymously post questions on a variety of topics and receive answers from anyone. The best answers are […]