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Great post! It’s funny how these companies probably touted metrics that praised the unfortunate naming/cities suggestions. Like, “OMG, we have X number of posts and replies and ideas”… Marketing was probably so proud.

On October 31, 2015, NoSocks commented on Domino’s Pizza Mogul – Crowdsourcing Pizzas via Social Media :


Awesome post! I had not heard of the Pizza Mogul promotion before, so it was great to learn something new. I was trying to come up with some ideas that would make this program more sustainable… Maybe if Domino’s made seasonal toppings available? Maybe if Domino’s increased the complexity it allowed, while also boosting the price? Maybe if certain ideas got a permanent spot on the Domino’s menu?


GPS data is definitely a good start, but how about all of those 20+ minute restaurant visits that you hate and suffer through? What if Yelp sent a quick, low-friction notification to your phone that asked “did you like the food, yes or no?” Then, after getting the initial data point it could ask for a more complete review. Even without that review, though, Yelp would have a better idea of what types of places you like.

The problem with the circumnavigation point you raised is that, in most cities where ClassPass creates a lot of value for their customers, studios are charging waaay more than $99/month for memberships. ClassPass offers a trial with top-notch facilities at a portion of the price one would have to pay for a complete membership at these studios. ClassPass customers are less likely to bypass the service to spend more (unless they want the gym’s other amenities, of course).

Won’t not, I think it’s interesting how MoA is using the indirect network effects that it created in the offline world to benefit it’s long term sustainability in the online world. However, I have doubts on whether their location based strategy is enough to get people in the door. While it may encourage shoppers to loiter in front of a screen for a few additional minutes, what added value is it creating? Are the promotions and deals useful, or simply paid ads for companies in the mall? Are they being used? Do customers convert?

On October 3, 2015, NoSocks commented on Pandora: The More You Listen, The Better It Gets :

Great post, Asaf. I think your point about Pandora serving as a platform for new music and A/B testing is an interesting one. Do you think Pandora is better positioned than applications like SoundCloud to pull this off, speaking more specifically about SoundCloud’s social footprint and large user base.

SoundCloud is an app where new music is listened to, liked, commented on, and shared across millions of users. They show the exact second or place in a song where a comment is posted. Talk about relevant, real time feedback!

On September 14, 2015, NoSocks commented on BlackBerry: Why Even the “CrackBerry” Addicts Quit :

Oh, Blackberry… How I loved your QWERTY keyboard. Until, you know… I wanted to use the internet.

Blackberry’s current strategy is an interesting and exciting one. They’re throwing their pride out of the window and introducing BBM for iOS and Android. Heck! They’re even building a device running Android! Crazy times. I can’t say that I blame them, though. Samsung runs both Android and Tizen, depending on the geography and device. Nokia runs both WIndows Phone and Android, depending on the device. So, why can’t Blackberry venture outside of their homegrown OS, too? Unfortunately, Android on Blackberry means that users will focus on the OS implementation and hardware now. And UNFORTUNATELY, Blackberry still makes less than desirable hardware when compared to Samsung/Nokia/HTC/Apple/Moto/everyone. Ouch. We’ll see how the thing sells, I guess.

Excellent post, whp.

On September 14, 2015, Elliott commented on Glossier – Disrupting the Old Man’s Beauty Industry :

I think two of the most understated wins here were the inbound marketing tactics and the ask #glossier approach. Talk about value creation! Talk about becoming a trusted advisor! Emily pulled back the curtain and let her future customers see how the sausage gets made, so to speak. That is a great way for a new, disruptive company to gain consumer confidence and loyalty. I’m just hearing about this company and I respect the origin story a lot. I think it is great that the big guys are getting disrupted!

Maybe not digital, but still worth noting is Emily’s ability to keep her product line streamlined. As you provided, it cuts down on the stress of too much choice and allows her most loyal followers to purchase everything Glossier has to offer without overextending themselves. To say you have “all” or “every one” of something is a powerful brand endorsement that Glossier can benefit from.

On September 14, 2015, Elliott commented on Staples – The Fight for Survival :


I think you’re right… Office supply stores are going the way of the dodo. We see it with Office Depot purchasing Office Max and Staples purchasing Office Depot. Consolidation usually marks the storm after the calm, but before the devastation. You laid out 4 possible solutions to the Staples problem. The idea that has a chance of winning is the “aggressively shrink footprint” one. Even that alone, despite cutting costs in the near term, will do little to stave off extinction. That strategy must be coupled with an increased focus on digital logistics and branding. I’d offer one additional suggestion as an add-on:

To be successful, Staples must now be known as It must be a web/app-first model that offers the immediacy and cost savings of Amazon. Actually, it should invest in the logistical know-how to be able to make same day shipping the norm. Imagine… no more rushing to Staples for poster board or Post-It notes. Office Depot’s Viking brand already does it in most W. European countries so it is not unheard of. When that day comes, Staples can aggressively shrink its footprint and lower overhead costs.