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Great post Karthik!

Certainly the process by Capital Float is more efficient than traditional banking. Nonetheless, I wonder how and when these new lending models could reach enough trust in order for regulators to allow them to accept deposits (at a low cost of capital). Meanwhile, it is a difficult situation because the cost of capital used (in this case VC money) is much higher than the traditional banks cost of capital (deposits).

You mentioned that Novartis in 2010 had 90% of the data sitting on their servers without being properly analyzed. I wonder if this is a company specific or industry wide phenomenon.

On November 22, 2015, JI commented on Pymetrics: Play Games, Get a Job :

Interesting topic… I wonder if the company has published any data that proves the effectiveness of their approach (employee turnover, employee/employer satisfaction, etc)…

On November 1, 2015, JI commented on Cumplo.cl: Debt crowdfunding in Chile :

Very interesting article.. If the model creates so much value for borrowers and lenders, why do you think the regulators have acted so aggressive (to the point of passing this to a criminal investigation)? and what precedent would these actions set for future startups?

Interesting post. I definitely think that crowdsourcing has a lot of potential for tech development in the future. I hope the hyperloop experience works to push crowdsourcing into other areas of tech development such as pharma.

On October 29, 2015, JI commented on Thumbtack: Silicon Valley’s latest “unicorn” :

Great article Sherry.. Its funny how Google’s “Do No Evil” slogan end up playing out. Apparently some reports suggest that Google is also developing an Uber like platform after investing $258 million in the company…

On October 5, 2015, JI commented on Lending Club – Pioneering P2P Lending :

Agree that banks will have a difficult time competing against these modern lending institutions.. Nonetheless, I think the peer to peer lending model could be improved with new models such as the one used by Vouch

On October 5, 2015, JI commented on Go-Jek : Uber for motorcycles in Indonesia :

Nice Post! Very interesting to note that a lot of on demand services are having difficulties to scale in emerging markets due to inability to screen potential associates in their platforms (in this case bike drivers). Would be really interesting to see how Go-Jek is doing to screen and educate these candidates and incorporate drivers so fast.. I you know more about this please share it!!

On October 5, 2015, JI commented on Bitcoin: can it be a mainstream currency? :

Interesting article.. What is the basis for your skepticism towards bitcoin? Could provide any links that illustrate your opinion that mainstream adoption is unlikely??

On October 5, 2015, JI commented on Zillow’s Reliance on Multiple Network Effects :

Very interesting article… Impressive how such a new company took over a well established player like realtor.com.. Do you have any insights on what prevented realtor.com form offering a similar model as Zillow (inputs from agents + zestimates equivalent) ???

Interesting article Mati… Casually, Andres Moreno (Founder of Open English) was my college classmate before he dropped out. I remember he was raising seed money from friends and family at a minimum investment of $20,000… Sad I didn’t invest! hahaha