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On May 2, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on The Mickey in the Digital Middle :

Great article! I agree Disney+ has been very lucky to hugely benefit from this pandemic. It has provided an opportunity for people to signup on the platform that otherwise may have not earlier. TWDC will not need to look for ways to make sure customer retention rates are high so that they can have a sustainable future after coronavirus. I wonder to this point, if multi-homing is an issue they can potentially avoid to keep users on their platform for longer.

On May 2, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on Zoom: Can “Zoom” become a verb? :

Nice post! I think Zoom can definitely sustain its even after the age of coronavirus. As professionals are getting accustomed to working remotely and having virtual meetings, I see a world where these changes in behaviour become long-term. This is especially true for individuals that work in global companies who may now travel less for meetings. It could also work for jobs such as bankers who do not need to travel as much to visit their clients for relationship building. Now that people have seen how well Zoom works, I am sure it will stick around in the future.

On May 2, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on GMAT goes online- Taking the exam at-home during a pandemic :

Interesting article! I agree this is a great way to reinvest their models in the times of coronavirus. Coming from an emerging market, where my internet connection is not always the best, I wonder if this is a disadvantage for students hailing from these areas. I also wonder if having to take notes online will disadvantage students that have to take the test at home vs. those that could do it at the centre and with actual paper. I believe there are too many challenges and don’t see this being permanent after the end of the pandemic.

On April 20, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on Macy’s: reinventing customer experience through data analytics :

Great article! It is nice to see how a traditional business is utilising data / AI to improve their business operations. I believe to remain competitive and fight off competition from other retailers and Amazon, the company may need to embed these capabilities in their organisation. I am interested to see how they have shaped their organisation to include data and AI and how these topics integrate with their other departments. To continue to be innovative in providing these solutions, I believe they will need a strong data team and works seamlessly across the organisation.

Great article! I especially like that the vineyard is not using AI to replace the necessary human touch but using AI to augment the process. As this is a product where taste and preference is so important, having an element of traditional winemaker’s making the final decision is important in integrating feedback from customers / wine connoisseurs. I am very curious to see how these wines do the in the market vs. traditional methods!

On April 20, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on Brewing with a dash of Data and Analytics – Starbucks :

This a great example of a traditional business has incorporated data analytics to improve their operations and stay ahead of competitors. This is especially important in an industry where competition is so rampant and users have very specific tastes. By developing comprehensive customer profiles they can build strong relationships with their customers and help in retaining these customers. Also by leveraging data to decide on locations and menus this can help lower customer acquisition costs.

On March 24, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on Turo: the Airbnb for Cars :

Great article ! I have had my fair share of experience with rental car companies and find them to have poor customer service. I feel if Turo really hones into making sure customers are well taken care of at every step of the way that can become a real competitive advantage and help them build a strong brand image – creating value.

On March 24, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on Caviar – Food delivery’s race to your doorstep :

Great article! I am unsure about the sustainability of Caviar’s business model. It seems their limited restaurant options and lack of updated offerings maybe be a hinderance to keeping a user for the long-term. Also, as a multi homer of five different food delivery apps, as of today I believe UberEats provides the best UX and customer stickiness given that it links to my Uber account as well so I can use rewards on both platforms. DashPass may need to look at more innovative ways of keeping customers on their platform.

On March 24, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on ASOS: Your one-stop shop for all things fashion :

Great article! I believe the Amazon threat is a real one. I recently read that Amazon was looking to enter into the luxury online fashion market so perhaps there would be some competitive overlap with ASOS. Not only is Amazon’s data a threat but also their efficient and extensive distribution network. Perhaps ASOS can look to compete through its more reliable and selective image.

On February 11, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on Pandora Media – from winner to loser – and back? :

Interesting article Marius!

It seems Pandora will need a major shift in their business model to remain relevant – it seems their competitive advantage in helping consumers discover music was easy replicable by other players in the space. It also seems consumers now have plenty of choice in deciding what applications to download apart from Spotify / Apple Music. I really question if Pandora will be able to make a come back now that these other streaming apps have made such an impact on current generations.

On February 11, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on Coursera – Revolutionizing Education For Anyone, Anywhere :

Great article ! It seems Coursera has been able to capture value by partnering with many large players including big businesses and governments. Interesting to also hear about how they have leveraged data to try and gain a competitive advantage – I wonder if these initiatives have seen real impact from customers.

Great article and loved the ad! It is truly impressive how DSC was able grow on the back of viral marketing in this new advertising world. I wonder if there are clear takeaways we can establish on how to create marketing campaigns that have this level of impact. It seems DSC also did a great job in continuing to connect with their customers on social media post the launch of the video and building long-term relationships.

Great article! It seems Highsnobiety has been able to adapt to a sustainable business model by employing key monetization strategies through their brand consulting services and e-commerce. As fashion and tastes in the industry are constantly changing, I wonder if they will be able to stay relevant and appeal to their target market and provide a constant stream of content.

Interesting article! I wonder if these Swiss watch-making companies will be able to compete with the likes of Apple in creating technology-advanced smart watches. I believe a key differentiator is not only in Apple’s tech capabilities but also in the ecosystem and network of connected devices they have created. I believe Swiss watch makers may have to focus on what they are good at (manufacturing, design), and on their more upscale product segments and lucrative, high-margin customers to stay alive and sustain growth.