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Very cool example of an application Tomo.

I think there’d also be the added advantage of using AR to improve the information available to the surgeon during a procedure, including overlaying scan images and other clinical data in his/her field of view. This could improve outcomes for patients on top the improvements already listed.

On February 28, 2017, Andrew Yoo commented on Go-Jek: Lovechild between TaskRabbit and Uber :

Great example of localization Gary.
Given the size of the market in Indonesia, it looks like a great base upon which to build out this business in other similar grid-locked and motorcycle heavy cities in SE-Asia (thinking of places like Vietnam, Thailand). Multi-homing and ease of market entry are huge challenges as listed above, but I wonder if SE-Asia is a place where more regulatory barriers through partnership with governments could be an attractive strategy to prevent foreign entrants? Could a trend towards nationalism help Go-Jek?

On February 28, 2017, Andrew Yoo commented on YC: organizing the seed-funding ecosystem :

Great example of a platform business. It seems with the growing popularity of this platform, YC’s been able to attract a higher volume of quality startups – I think this raises a couple of interesting challenges for its future. Firstly, the quality of its chosen startups becomes critical to maintain the brand and to continue to attract new startups in future. Secondly, investors could use their time participating on the platform to learn how to identify successful startups and go approach startups directly, dis-intermediating YC in the process. Do you have any thoughts on how YC can overcome these challenges?

On February 28, 2017, Andrew Yoo commented on Making Higher Education Accessible – Coursera :

Thanks for the post. This reminded me of an article I read earlier this year on how MOOCs were experimenting with using employers to provide additional credibility to their courses. A course that equips its students with skills that are attractive to reputable firms would in turn become more attractive to students, and may help justify some of the prices platforms like Coursera are now trying to charge.

On February 2, 2017, Andrew Yoo commented on BlaBlaCar – Disrupting road travel by Trusted carpooling :

Interesting concept – it seems BlaBlaCar and Uber are on a collision course here, with BlaBla eventually moving into urban carpooling or Uber moving into intercity carpooling/travel. Do you get a sense that competition between the two services is heating up in BlaBlaCar’s markets? I wonder if Uber will roll out a similar service in the US in anticipation of market entry by BlaBlaCar…

On February 2, 2017, Andrew Yoo commented on Microsoft is not enjoying its Office After Party :

An interesting take on Microsoft’s prospects. I think Microsoft are doing some really exciting things under Nadella at the moment – it feels like they’ve got a cohesive hardware strategy for the first time in years, and they really surprised people with their announcement of Hololens in the AR space, which could be a very important next step for the industry. I’m a little concerned about how much value they’ll truly be able to extract out of the Linkedin acquisition, but overall I think Microsoft have turned into a pretty exciting place to work these days. Thanks for the post!

On February 2, 2017, Andrew Yoo commented on NVIDIA: How to win the “GPU wars” :

Great post – very interesting to see NVIDIA thriving thanks to the adoption of GPUs as the hardware of choice for deep learning. With deep learning being increasingly used by businesses to generate insights into their data, I would worry about GPU’s becoming commoditized as more entrants become enticed by the high margins and increasing volumes on offer. This would drive competition up and force prices (and margins) down. Other than its first mover advantage, does NVIDIA have any other protection against this seemingly inevitable outcome?