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On April 26, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on NextVR – Bringing Virtual Reality Events Into The Home! :

Thank you for the comment! I definitely agree that the overall VR market is going to need to figure out how to engage customers comfortably for longer periods of time. Fortunately i think that problem will be shared equally with alot of players in the industry.

On April 26, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on HBX Needs to Go Whole-Hog on VR Classrooms :

Thank you for the great post. I think this is something that HBS and the greater Harvard community is going to struggle to figure out over the next few years. I wonder if there is an issue here, not to keep bringing up BSSE frameworks, with threat vs opportunity framing? I think it is absolutely fair to say that anything that reduces the advantage that the HBS classroom has over any other method of learning is threatening to the overall ecosystem. I wonder if reliance on the core full time HBS community will keep the school from innovating as fast as it should to continue to be a leader in the space?

And i agree with Megan on the point of comments coming from other people, especially people you know. At some point, if you have no connection to the avatars, it might feel like a lecture from many sources rather than a discussion amongst peers.

On April 26, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on VR Physio: Solving Neck Problems :

Love the post Boris. I think this is really interesting. My first thought, and maybe they are working on this with partners in the medical industry, but wouldnt physical therapists and rehabilitation centers be wary of this technology due to how easy it would be to replace them? I imagine a world where after years of working the bugs out, and insurance provider just ships you a vr headset and says do your own therapy instead of sending you to a doctor.

On April 9, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on The City of Chicago and its Array of Things Project :

Great post! A few other people have mentioned it, but i think the crowdsourcing part of this could be very powerful. I wonder if there could be a way to allow people to opt in with their devices in order to receive some sort of benefit in exchange for allowing your devices to generate data for the platform? I think it would bring about some serious safety concerns that would have to be ironed out about data security, but could be extremely powerful as well.

On April 9, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on Legendary Applied Analytics: Making Movies the ‘Moneyball’ Way :

Wow this is extremely interesting. I had no idea that they spent that much money after the fact to promote the movie. This program feels very similar to what Netflix is doing when they decide what types of movies to make. Thank you for the post!

On April 9, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on Next Big Sound – moneyball for music? :

Extremely interesting post! Really makes you wonder after the prediction capabilities get very good if you could essentially use the characteristics of “hits” to write a song from scratch. I also wonder if this could eventually be extended to movies and tv shows as well.

On March 25, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on IndieGoGo: Supply and Demand -> Demand and Supply :

Noorin – very interesting post. I definitely see how they are solving the complicated chicken and egg conundrum. I can also see how they are achieving a level of crowd information just by the fact that the proposed products who don’t get enough support likely don’t get made. My question is whether or not, for the products who do get supported by the crowd, the producer uses feedback or opinions from the financial backers to improve the product?

On March 25, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on SpotAngels – Using crowds to solve the car parking problem. :

I think this is extremely interesting, as i absolutely hate driving around the block looking for parking spaces. I wonder if there was any way they could work with the city to either “connect” the parking meters already installed or work to deploy an “Internet of Things” style solution to try an overcome the issue of having enough human sources to be accurate.

On March 25, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on Iodine: the ‘Yelp of Medicine’ :

Somali – Fantastic post! I love the fact that we won’t go to a restaurant without reading reviews but we take medications and medical information as gospel. I think my only hesitation is aligned with Bipul’s point. I think it has been fairly well documented how often sites like WebMD are over used and maybe even abused by non-doctors diagnosing themselves. I wonder what the risk is of patients making up their minds about medications on their own and then simply seeking out a doctor to get it for them.

Great Post! I think the acquisition of Waze was extremely critical as it felt like they were gaining a lot of steam very quickly.

I wonder how all of the advertisers feel about this process? Now that there is really only one mapping service, and they are further distinguishing themselves from their peers, will they be able to force a dramatic increase in price? Will the service they provide advertisers get so much better with all the improvements that it is worth that increase in price? Should be interesting.

On February 27, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on Netflix: Attracting Both Subscribers and Content Providers to the Party. :

Great post! I though about netflix during the Amazon/Paintball X Fire case. I wonder if Netflix will start to feel pressure from the traditional content providers as it continues to create its own content? It feels like they can use the consumption patterns of 3rd party content to design and develop perfect content for their subscribers, and steal share-of-wallet away from other movies or tv shows.

On February 27, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on From Product to Platform: John Deere Revolutionizes Farming :

Love the post! I think i agree with Sonali. It feels like an Apple model almost where the value is in the UX and the data, but they monetize it through the physical products and give the software away.

I feel like because the farming industry is so family focused, with land and equipment being passed down generation after generation, if this will make their hardware extremely sticky and ensure that once john deere is able to sink its teeth into a farmers field, they are stuck forever.

On February 3, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on Changing of the Guard: Is AT&T’s Wireless Business at Risk? :

Will – love the post. I do think the emergence of a strong fiber network as well as the continued improvements in mobile networks will eventually lead to a showdown, but i can’t help but think that we are a long way off. I feel like mobile consumers have gotten very comfortable with being able to confidently make a call almost anywhere. I find myself, if for any reason i can’t complete a call, becoming infuriated. I wonder just how good the fiber networks would have to get for me to make the choice of less coverage!

On February 3, 2017, Andrew Banovic commented on AMC Theaters: Remaining Relevant in the Digital Age? :

I think this is extremely interesting. I can’t help but draw parallels to Blockbuster and their success after netflix and redbox came about. I wonder if as mentioned in earlier cases (Samsung) as large tv prices come down and image quality continues to go up, the last real advantage that a movie theater has goes away. It was very understandable to want to see something “on the big screen” when your home television was an analog 20 inch black and white with rabbit ears. I think the decision will get a lot harder when your alternative to a movie theater is a 60″ 4K OLED with much cheaper snacks!