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Data has the power to unlock unprecedented insights. And while the promise of data is ubiquitous, there’s a long way to go before that potential is fully realized. Many questions still linger for data stewardship, from ensuring truly clean data to collecting data without being creepy.

Using Analytics to Find Value in Education Data

The following insights are derived from a recent Assembly talk featuring Hywel Benbow, regarding applying data analytics to enhance the performance of educational institutions. We presented a few question to Hywel during this talk, and what follows is a summary of his responses. Could you speak to some overarching and generalizable ways educational organizations could […]

Recycled circuit board over NYC

Using verifiable digital provenance to combat disinformation

It’s possible to put the burden of truth in the hands of readers — just provide them with a tamper-resistant edit history for each digital object in a news story.

Factory worker with goggles

How sensors and software are solving the world’s greatest challenges

Embedded sensors have created monumental advances in the efficiency, health, and safety of manufacturing facilities — even enabling a factory to build a car by itself.

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Data, network effects, and competitive advantage

Just because a product becomes ‘smart’ doesn’t mean it will magically gain a foolproof competitive position in the marketplace.

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Tech that helps us understand ourselves

Technology is often designed to provide more efficiency, more ease, and more consumption. A side effect of emphasizing “ease” may be that we miss opportunities. These include chances for self-reflection, deeper connection, defining and creating our own meaning, and building the confidence and motivation to create and consume in ways that are aligned with our […]

Man playing instrument with apple watch on

Connected tech gathers real-time behavioral and physiological data beyond a controlled setting

Everywhere you turn, someone is wearing a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or the newest brand of activity tracker. Wearables are just one type of connected technology that has flooded consumer health markets in recent years, and widespread acceptance of these products has led to the discovery of new ways in which they can be used. Along […]

Basketball shooting training application

Immersive sports analytics overlays the virtual world onto real life

As you settle into your seat to watch the NBA action on the court below, you take a sip of your beverage and gaze through your augmented reality (AR) device. Players’ names and box scores appear and you watch replays on demand. When your favorite player makes a highlight-reel move, you share the play with […]

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