Human-Centered Technology

In this interdisciplinary endeavor, scholars and professionals unite on a mission to harness technology’s potential to amplify and unlock human capabilities. They explore the dynamic intersection of technology and humanity, seeking ways to enhance the human experience. By integrating insights from social sciences, design methodology, and technological expertise, this collaborative community empowers the leaders of tomorrow to increase innovation velocity while keeping humanity at the center.

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HBS Gender Initiative Director Colleen Ammerman has a question for you

HBS Gender Initiative Director Colleen Ammerman wants to know: when does technology not work for you?

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HBS Digital Initiative Director David Homa has a question for you

HBS Digital Initiative Director David Homa wants to know: how would you describe tech inequality?

Ifeoma Ajunwa thumbnail image with title

Ifeoma Ajunwa on the limitless boundaries of employee surveillance

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Ifeoma Ajunwa from the University of North Carolina School of Law about the legal and ethical implications of workplace surveillance in the age of remote work, wearable tech, and DNA testing.

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Dan Mall on defining “good” design

In this episode, Dan Mall from SuperFriendly reflects on the importance of the designers intentions as a framework of understanding how bias can inform and perpetuate systems of inequality.

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