Coral Reef or Coral DebReef?

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Climate change is the #1 threat to coral reefs. Businesses in the tourism industry will be impacted negatively but can take action to mitigate the damage and minimize their own carbon footprint.

Life in a Box – How Klabin Reinvented Itself

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Is packaging the carbon scourge of the universe? You just moved to Cambridge and now you need to buy everything so you can call your new place ‘home’: from toilet paper to a new mattress. You start to buy online, but all that packaging pilling up is starting to concern you: is it the worst decision for the environment?

Sustainable Toilets: A Pleasant Solution to a Foul Problem

As climate change and resulting droughts threaten the world’s water supply, can we afford to keep flushing our problems away? Nonprofit RTI International has developed an incinerator toilet—entirely self-sustaining in energy efficiency—that will revolutionize water use in human waste disposal.

Coca-Cola – Refreshing the World?

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Coca-Cola's mission is to "refresh the world" with beverages but the world we live in is increasingly impacted by climate change. What actions has Coca-Cola taken to "refresh the world" environmentally and what more should it do?

Kick your CO2 Habit –> Save $$Millions

In the face of climate change, limited fossil fuel resources and fragile fuel trade agreements, it is clear that the way the world ‘does’ energy has to change. Whilst there are many moral and ethical reasons that businesses should seek to reduce their energy consumption and emissions, the course of business history tells us that few companies will actually do this unless the decision to do so is also financially attractive.

Enter XL Hybrids.