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On December 14, 2015, Sinem commented on Walmex: Adaptability of the Walmart business model :

Very interesting post Gaby! I would have never thought that Walmart would be entering a market with a luxury and quality positioning. I was wondering about the other competitors’ reaction to Walmart entering the market. Local Pride program was also very interesting to see and it’s very similar to Unilever’s supplier program. Do you think that buying from the local producers decrease their economies of scale and eventually decrease their profit margin?
It would be interesting to see whether this business model is applicable to other markets that Walmart is present.

On December 14, 2015, Sinem commented on Moleskine: the “de-commoditization” of the notebook :

Very interesting post Andrea! It’s phenomenal that how a notebook company is able to create a strong community that has lots of brand advocates around the world. How sustainable do you think their business is given the vast digitalization? In addition, one of their major distribution channel – bookstores – is declining in a very fast way.
A question that I have is whether Moleskine is utilizing their retail stores in an efficient way. Most of the consumers use Moleskine because of the “experience” and I was wondering if they were able to integrate this experiential aspect in their retail stores.

On December 14, 2015, Sinem commented on Inditex, king of fast fashion :

A great post about how an fashion industry was disrupted by Inditex and the rules of the game have changed. I remember when Zara entered Turkey market and all the local players were severely damaged by its affordable fast fashion business model. Some of the local competitors had to go out of business because they couldn’t adapt to this new operating model, the others are still trying to catch up. One example is Mudo, a local fashion retail company, and actually one FIELD 2 group is working on how to appeal to the Turkish young professional consumers again.
As you stated in the post, location is a huge factor of their success and they are looking for prime locations when opening a new store. Do you think that their operating model is sustainable, given the limited space available in these prime locations?
In addition the fashion industry is going towards sustainability agenda and more people are reacting to the fast fashion approach where it’s all about mass consumption. How do you think Inditex group should react to these approaches?