Rolls-Royce increases its share of the US$5.3 trillion civil aviation market through digitalisation

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Rolls-Royce is the current marker leader in the wide-body aircraft segment. The intense competition in the market results in manufacturers willing to sell their products without profit, but capture significant value from the MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) business driven by digital data. As a result, digital technologies not only transform Rolls-Royce’s product supply chain from initial concept to aircraft delivery, but also the company’s service offerings and aftermarket supply chain. Now the question is how can Rolls-Royce develop its existing workforce to be more adaptable, change-ready and digitally savvy?

Increased Competition from the Digitalization of Healthcare Delivery

Today, EMRs generated from connected ultrasound machines can give instant visibility into customer demand for expert review and enable a physician in San Francisco to be sourced as-needed to review New York City patients.  [2] In the age of a digitalized healthcare supply chain, Cardio Edge will need to be mindful that competitors can emerge more quickly due to the advent of electronic healthcare data and smart, connected products. 

YouTube Effect: A Whole New Supply Chain – Will TV Thrive or Die?

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Television ratings are falling [1] and 95% of new television show concepts fail [2], but that’s about to change. Digitization is disrupting the television supply chain – and it’s not only Netflix! Data driven content selection is shifting power to the audience [3], improving demand prediction and accelerating content creation throughput time from months to days. Thought supply chains digitization only applied to manufacturing? Think again!