The Mining Industry in Chile and its Solar Bet

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The Chilean energy landscape has changed. In 2014 governmental policies allowed the competitive entrance of clean energy to the Chilean market with solar energy at its center. This creates an opportunity for Antofagasta Minerals, a private copper mining group, to utilize clean energy to lower its carbon emissions and lower costs generated by electrical energy.

China Goes Green

A Chinese state owned enterprise in power production has a government mandate to clean its energy mix following years of air and water pollution, how well is it executing?

Amazon: Winds of change

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Amazon, the online retail giant, reaffirms its commitment to Sustainability, and advances on its goal of using 100% renewable energy on its Amazon Web Services business.

Burden of Arabia

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With low oil prices and continued technological shifts towards renewable energy on the horizon, Saudi Aramco confronts a monumental struggle to evolve into more than an Oil Company