Square’s New Circle: Banking on Data

Square brought small business payment terminals into the modern day. The simple, clean Square dongle has become widely recognized as the icon of new-age payment. Now, the company is eyeing its valuable set of transaction data to make loans. Square’s visibility into otherwise secretive transaction data allows them to loan to business owners on the basis of business performance.

Could this be the future of lending?

Local Players at Risk: Online Payments in Mexico

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Local players can gain significant market share and raise barriers to entry to their market when they have a good alignment between their operating and business models. In this article, we will review Conekta, an online payments solution, that strayed from their original value proposition and has left them at risk with the entrant of new global players.

Visa: Gaining the Worlds’s Trust

I evaluated Visa Inc.’s business and operating models and I believe that the company is a “winner” in its ability to align the two. Company Overview: Established in 1958, Visa is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, […]