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On December 13, 2015, Shivani Aryal commented on Not just for gamblers: The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas :

Hi – great post. Stayed at the Cosmo last month so this was very recent for me! Really interesting to see how these Vegas hotels make money.
Couple of themes that stood out to me while I was there – Cosmo must be facing stiff competition from the many hotels that operate on the strip. How has Cosmo differentiated itself as most other hotels are offering pretty much the same services? What is the average occupancy rate at Cosmo? Is this below / above the average in Vegas? Is there anything really unique about Cosmo’s operating model or are these all standard industry practices?

On December 13, 2015, Shivani Aryal commented on De Beers: “From Discovery to Desire” :

Hey Mondli, thanks for sharing! I have always been intrigued by how De Beers was able to transform the meaning of diamonds through it’s ingenious marketing campaigns. However, I am really interested to know how the company is reacting to the growth of the synthetic diamond market? Do you think this new market is going to take over the traditional diamond industry? Will the manufacturers of synthetic diamonds be able to convince consumers that the diamonds they manufacture are exactly the same as those mined by De Beers?

On December 13, 2015, Shivani Aryal commented on Blue Apron and the Race to Innovate Dinner :

This is great! I’ve used Blue Apron many times and really love them – they make cooking so much simpler. However, one major backlash that the company always receives is that it is quite expensive for an average American. What are your thoughts on their pricing strategy? Do you think they price their meals at the higher end of the range? If so, does that limit the company’s ability to make home cooking “more accessible” to customers in the US?