Open your open innovation to suppliers

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The role of suppliers in open innovation should be reconsidered as high tech companies have difficulty identify product/process innovation solely from users and customers. Dell pioneered to have its suppliers proactively engage in product and process innovation along open innovation process. Can Dell make the best practice of open innovation in high tech industry?

Everything is Awesome: Product Innovation at LEGO

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LEGO has been highly successful in translating user generated ideas into commercial product lines using its LEGO Ideas platform. How should the company approach the current and future challenges of keeping its external innovators engaged and continue the product innovation momentum?

Future X and Open Innovation at Nokia

Anticipating the technical revolution around the corner, Nokia took a longer view and made a strategic shift to become a wireless-equipment company. Recognizing limitations in its research, manufacturing, and human capabilities, Nokia invested in open innovation to improve product development. In 2014, Nokia scaled down its Research Center from 1,300 people to 80 people and acquired Bell Labs, whose culture centered around innovation. Bell Labs has 17 research centers and a Nobel Prize-winning team. It launched Bell Labs Prize competition to encourage innovators around the globe to create 10x game-changing ideas and proposals in the general field of information and communications technologies. By leveraging open innovation, will Nokia achieve Future X? What are some challenges it should anticipate?