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On November 15, 2018, Anonymous_HBSer commented on LexisNexis and LegalTech: Automation of Legal Services :

This is super interesting… automating big law opens the door for creating efficiencies for fairly time consuming processes. Would love to find ways to automate some manual but necessary processes in every transaction such as automating NDAs. Interested to see how adoption looks as the value add is clear but some old-world industries are slow to change their behaviors especially with sensitive / riskier topics.

On November 15, 2018, Anonymous_HBSer commented on Taste the Future: 3D Printing Chocolate at Hershey :

Interesting article! This is a great example of the limitations of 3D printing. It’s great that Hershey is embracing this innovation and trying to personalize products but given the limitations around time of production, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a mass-produced offering anytime soon. This is great branding for the company to get into the space, but think for now aside from pop ups of this 2D offering, they should focus on their core competency and unique flavors / styles mass produced traditionally.

On November 15, 2018, Anonymous_HBSer commented on Crowdsourcing snack food trends at PepsiCo :

Interesting article! I’ve actually been to the Frito Lays consumer tasting events where they showcase experimental flavors and gauge consumer reactions. It’s such a fun way to engage consumers and get real time feedback from typical customers. The biggest risks are around ensuring to get a representative group and figure out which are more fad vs stable products.

On November 15, 2018, Anonymous_HBSer commented on Airbnb: Utilizing Machine Learning to Optimize Travel :

Interesting article! If AirBnB wants to own the whole travel ecosystem, curious to see how they plan to compete with big players like Expedia that typically manage the booking / transportation process and other large players moving toward the experiential aspects and also use ML / AI. AirBnB does a great job of have a very intuitive process for the end-consumer and agree their predictive capabilities will continue to differentiate them within their lodging niche.

On November 15, 2018, Anonymous_HBSer commented on Chanel has a magic wand for beautiful eyelashes, thanks to 3D printing :

Really interesting piece – 3D printing can serve as a good way of increasing efficiency, but given its early days and the high cost, it seems most companies have not scaled into utilizing it in their full product but rather as a way of prototyping. I think customization may be too costly however 3D printing does remove the typical set up costs. Perhaps they should focus on scaling before customizing and showing how they can be agile as a company similar to how Zara is with different line rotations based on customer needs.

On November 15, 2018, Anonymous_HBSer commented on Open Innovation at Amazon Alexa: Crowd-sourcing Its Way to Platform Dominance :

Interesting article! It makes sense Alexa started out more as a speaker / entertainment use case, however Alexa’s capabilities can stretch far more. As I think through other use cases, it could be impactful to utilize Alexa in healthcare arenas. For example, recently a small pilot was done in Brockton MA regarding diabetes. This is a low income area with high occurrence of diabetes and low access to healthcare. Alexa could serve as a way to communicate in hospitals and in homes with patients with diabetes to remember to take their meds and reinforce habits.